Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carlindrawal or Carlinless?

I apologize to my regular visitors for the fact that this post strays off the theme of this site.

For those of you who are not already subscribers to Dan Carlin's podcasts Hardcore History and Common Sense, you are missing the boat big time. These shows (which have basically gone viral since being introduced through iTunes) are simply the best educational entertainment available over the internet today. Mark my words - Carlin's influence as a political and historical commentator is going to be huge in the years to come.

Carlin is currently releasing a Common Sense episode about every two weeks and a Hardcore History Episode about once a month. My desire for fresh episodes has left me wondering whether the yearning of Carlin listeners for new shows will ever make its way into the Urban Dictionary. I bet that it will and, in the tradition started by those who would mail patent ideas to themselves in sealed envelopes, my bet is that one of the following creations will eventually be adopted:

1. Carlindrawal (i.e. the excruciating withdrawal suffered by Carlin addicts waiting for their next fix).; or

2. Carlinless (i.e. being without a new Carlin episode on your iPod and no change for coffee because you donated your last $2 to Carlin through Paypal).

Please feel free to vote for your favorite or suggest others.
[The above noted painting is reproduced with the permission of North Carolinian artist Libby Lynn] [May 7, 2013 update - it is now hanging in my office!]


  1. Carlingous: a devotion to all things Carlin. As opposed to Religious: a devotion to myth.

  2. Great...said exactly what ive been thinking since i first found him! cheers